Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman was a jewel thief who operated in Gotham City and later worked briefly for Jeremiah Arkham. She is played by Ginny Glaser.


Selina was hired by Jeremiah Arkham to capture Thomas Elliot in order to use him to try and cure his wife Lisa. Despite this task, Jeremiah betrayed Selina and handed her over to Elliot to see if she was a suitable organ donor to save Lisa.


  • Selina was first alluded to in the series 1 finale episode "Staff Verification" in which a news ticker mentioned cat burglaries occurring across Gotham.
  • As Selina Kyle appears in The Dark Knight Rises (which season 2 is a prequel to) it is clear she will survive the events.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Further EvidenceEdit

Series 2Edit

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